Symposium on the Little Tuskegees

Videos from the 2023 Symposium

“Booker T. Washington & Tuskegee Institute” – Dana Chandler, Tuskegee University

“Up from Literature” – Dr. Keturah Nix

“John W. Lemon’s Agricultural Vignettes and the Calhoun Land Company” – Dr. Sidonia Serafini

“The One Object of my Desire: A Free-born Minister’s Quest for an Education”– Dr. William L. Andrews

“Snow Hill Industrial Institute” – Catiana Foster

“Prentiss Institute” – Janice Armstrong

“Growing Rural Futures” – Carlton Turner, Mississippi Center for Cultural Production

“Voorhees: Past, Present & Future” – Marvin Byrd

“Keeping the Faith: Holtzclaw’s Bioethics” – Stephanie Burks

For questions or more information, please contact symposium organizer Dan Fuller, Humanities Chair, Hinds Community College-Utica.