Sips from the Sipp Logo with an tea cup, featuring the outline of Mississippi in the foam. The tag line "Truth, Justice, Sass" is on tea bag tag.

Sips from the Sipp

Our Museum podcast is live! In Sips from the Sipp, Museum co-director Jean Greene focuses on the history of Southern Black Education and specifically the Utica Institute, a rural school in Mississippi. Through the podcast, we cover the history and heritage of our HBCU. In our first season, Jean is hosting a virtual book club discussing William Holtzclaw’s autobiography, Black Man’s Burden. Each week, she alternates between reading a chapter from the book and a discussion of that chapter with various folks connected with Utica. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! You can also listen online at the podcast’s home: Sips from the Sipp. To support the show, and to receive early access to podcast episodes, become a Museum member on Patreon!

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